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Aladdin is a port of Aladdin for SNES on the Famicom, developed by Hummer Team.


There are many other versions of this game. In order from release:

  • Aladdin II (1995) - Title screen hack of Aladdin, included in the rom of that game, also released under JY-026 id.
  • Aladdin III - another title screen hack of Aladdin, Found in Popeye 2 ROM, it was reused for all JY multicarts.
  • Popeye II - Travels in Persia - Hack of Aladdin III that edits Aladdin's head into Popeye's. This is usually bundled with Aladdin III on multicarts. On multicarts made after 1996, Popeye 2 starts on Level 2 instead.
  • 45-in-1 version - The only difference between this version and Aladdin III is that the controls are reversed, following the usual control set up of an NES platform game.
  • Aladdin Special - Title screen hack of Aladdin.

MMC3 hacks[1]

All the following versions were hacked to run on the common MMC3 rather than JY's custom mapper, resulting in a number of glitches and missing content. The music screws up so it plays a song once, leaving you with no music or the bonus round music for the rest of the level. The animated background graphics in the game aren't animated and the "The End" graphics are glitched.

  • Aladdin 4
  • Aladdin (1996) - Aladdin 4 with a 1996 copyright but without the 4.
  • Aladdin II (1996) - Aladdin 4 with a 1995 copyright and the 4 was changed into a II. [1]
  • Aladdin 4 (1996) - Aladdin 4 with a 1996 copyright.

Aladdin cartridges

Popeye II - Travels in Persia cartridges