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Bomberman (ボンバーマン Bonbāman?) is an arcade-style maze-based video game developed by Hudson Soft. The original home computer game Bomber Man (爆弾男 Bakudan Otoko?) was released in July 1983 for the MSX, NEC PC-8801, NEC PC-6001, Sharp MZ-700 and FM-7 in Japan, and a censored version for the MSX and ZX Spectrum in Europe as Eric and the Floaters. It had a Japanese sequel known as 3-D Bomberman, in which Bomberman navigates the maze in the first-person. In 1985, Bomberman was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It spawned the long-running series with many installments building on its basic gameplay.

Alternate Titles

  • Toy Story - Sprite Hack
  • Boom Man - Title Screen Hack
  • TNT - Graphics and Music Hack
  • Golgotha - Graphics and Music Hack
  • Doraebomb - Graphics hack
  • Bugger Man - Graphics hack
  • Bomber Mario - Graphic Hack