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Title screen of Shuang Ji Xing Yuan or Contra Natsu Time.

Contra: Shuang Ji Xing Yuan also known as Contra Natsu Time is a hack of the NES game Contra, a Run-N-Gun game made by Konami. This hack was made in China by Natsu and was available to download in Emumax.


Gameplay Screenshot.

It is the easy stage during gameplay in the screen, it also can be passed with the stage easily to find the enemy base of the Green Falcon against the alien war.

Cheat Codes

Game Genie

  • SLAIUZ (Infinite Lives)
  • LEIIXZ (Use "S" Gun after dying)
  • PEIIXZ (Use Machine Gun after dying)
  • GEIIXZ (Use Laser Rifle after dying)
  • ZEIIXZ (Use Flame Gun after dying)


  • 00B0:04+00B1:04 (Invincibility for both players and Unlimited Barrier Shields)


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