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Pokemon Music Concert is a game for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive by Nice Code that reuses resources from Union Bond games, though it is unrelated to Nice Code's Famicom dancing games. There are several options to choose from: starting the game, difficulty settings, music tracks and options, although difficulty settings just sets what level you want to play at. The options screen is used to set up your joystick, adjust additional settings or mute the music, which is pointless, as the game cannot be played properly otherwise.

In the game, you time the buttons on your controller to dancing beats to try and create music similiar to Donkey Konga Plus on the Gamecube. The controls are poor and either respond too slow or too fast to the music, as with Union Bond's games, but unlike Nice Code's Famicom dancing games, as they are actually suited to playing with the default controller unlike both games by both companies. 

Alternate names

Donkey Konga Remix

Super Dancing Competition 2000

DJ Rev and Beat Plus