Tom & Jerry and Tuffy is a platformer based off the cartoon of the same name, made by Software Creations and published by Hi-Tech Electronics for the NES in 1991.

Alternate TitleEdit

  • Bruce & Leo - graphical hack, jerry is replaced by a nunman looks like a orange smurf and tom is orange and called leo
  • Pokemon Golden - sprite hack, with Jerry replaced with a poorly drawn Eevee sprite which looks more like a brown Pikachu. Also known as Pocket Gold or simply Golden.
  • Super Tom and Jerry: The Movie
  • Super Tom and Jerry 2
  • Super Tom and Jerry III
  • Tom and Jerry Best of the Best
  • Tom and Jerry 2
  • Pac-Man Team 2 - Jerry is replace with Pac-Man and Tom is replace with Giant Ghosts, enemies is replace with Ghosts, dates on May 31, 2018

Tom & Jerry and Tuffy cartridgesEdit

Pokemon Golden cartridgesEdit

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